Remodeling Nashville one house at a time, American Renovation and Services are the people to call when considering a remodel!

remodeling pageYour home is important, not only is it your safe haven, but you have to look at it every day. We are a FULL service home remodeling company that will work from you start to finish and take the headache out of getting your house beautiful.

Due to our great relationships with different suppliers around Nashville, we can offer you the best deals and best selection out there. We have been in the business for a long time, and we are confident we can find what works best for you and give you that “WOW!” factor when we’re done.


Services offered by American Services:

Interior and exterior painting. Our professionals do an  incredible job for you and get done quickly. With attention to detail and a focus on meeting deadlines, we will help you create the look you have always wanted. Let us suggest faux painting, to bring out the best in your home.

Installation and repair of drywall. Whether you are repairing a small problem or redoing a whole room, correct installation of drywall can affect your heating and cooling bills. Make sure the job is done correctly, and on time, with American Services LLC.

Remodeling page (2)Hardwood floor installation. We install hardwood flooring for any size floor. Flooring services include installation, wax and stain. Leave this important job to the professionals to get a floor that lasts.

Carpentry services.  Whether it be repairing a broken stairwell, or adding an addition to a house, we can cover any size job. Call us today to discuss your carpentry job.